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Yet while tap-dancing faster can make you feel better, the danger is that you can get so lost in busywork that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Just be sure what you are working on so intently is worthy of that amazing Capricorn output! Capricorn is an earth sign, so you would probably enjoy taking a breather in the mountains more than at a seaside setting. A day of hiking, mountain climbing or exploring caves would make a new person out of you. Play a game of touch football or start a softball team with your pals Capricorn rules teamwork , but be sure to bandage that trick knee of yours, the part of the body that gives Capricorns physical stress.

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So when you book a lunch with an friend choose a restaurant in a club, or has a club-type aura, complete with wood paneling and fireplaces. The goat also likes heights, so a restaurant with a view is just your speed, but be sure it has a calm atmosphere. Be determined to talk about general things—not all lunches have to be major negotiations! Sports with social twist are good too, so you might think about taking up tennis or golf. Most Capricorns like to play the stock market and make investing a hobby.

Give yourself some time off to hear a lecture by an expert, surf the net for interesting financial sites, check out cable stations for good shows which tackle investments in depth. Other Capricorns might like collecting rare coins or stamps or start a collection of new ones. Both of you need social approval, and neither of you is likely to become a radical insurgent and embarrass the other. Life together will be unusually harmonious. Capricorns have a fabulous sense of humor, perhaps because Saturn the planet of seriousness, rules this sign.

It has been said the funniest jokes always hit a sensitive chord. Saturn makes Capricorns earnest, but also makes this sign able to poke some fun at themselves too, to offer a little perspective. You can afford to lighten up a little, Taurus, so your Goat will be good for you.

Despite their humorous side, Capricorns often expect sorrow to follow happiness, particularly in love. Again, this is Saturn speaking. You will have to reassure your lover that you have no hidden agenda and that your love will endure. If your Capricorn has been disappointed in the past, he or she is not likely to forget the episode easily.

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Saturn makes memories die hard. Your tender reassurance will be needed and appreciated. Your Capricorn will love your pure heart, your stable sensibility, and even your somewhat possessive streak, viewing it as a good thing because it suggests sureness of purpose.

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Many Capricorns are talented with drawing or art, and as a Taurus, you particularly love music and art. Communication should be very, very good between you and your Capricorn, and you will have long discussions on such topics as religion, education, parenting, and all sorts of actual or hypothetical issues.

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June will be very busy, thanks to a new moon in Gemini, 13 degrees in your sector of work assignments. You will be spinning several dishes on sticks, deftly showing impressive concentration and dedication to doing the job exactly right. It will be flattering for you to be so prized on this particular job. Gemini is the sign of twins, so you may get not one but two new assignments fairly equal in size. If you have been looking for a new full- or part-time job, this new moon will help you, and it would be work on the same level you have been doing.

If you were hoping to step up to a job with more responsibility and power, that would more likely take place after the new moon later this year, September In cases like these, you may feel that having a new job at the same level would be perfect. Start looking immediately for a job you can get excited about after the new moon arrives June 3, for something is very likely to come up.

Self-employed Capricorns will hear the cash register ring with orders and new customers beating their way to your door. The June 3 new moon would be an ideal time to launch a new advertising or social media campaign. The work you do will likely lean on your talent to write, speak, edit, or code. Gemini the sign of the new moon is a communications sign, so look into jobs that relate to public relations, marketing, sales, advertising, research, fact checking, library work, translation, social media, television, radio, podcasting, cell phone apps, journalism, screenplay writing, editing, computer coding, or software development, or in travel, shipping, couriers, and messengers—all are ruled by Gemini.

Your new job is likely to be associated with work in one of these areas, no matter what field you happen to work in. If you feel you could use a brush-up seminar on grammar or a thoughtful course on creative writing, sign up for a class. Capricorn is the most ambitious sign, always on a mission to turn in the very best work they can. Education will help you on whatever job you take or already have. I know a young man who took a class in improvisation, and he is a window display expert for Cole Haan. He felt the improvisation class opened his mind in a way no other class had ever done for him and made him more creative.

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It is true that sometimes taking a class in a very different field can be helpful and fun. Try to get all your most pressing matters wrapped up in early to mid-June because Mercury, the planet of communication, will soon retrograde, from July 7 to July You will always feel the onset of Mercury retrograde two weeks prior to the official date of the retrograde.

The one difficult part early in the month is that Neptune will be at odds with the new moon. Neptune is taking a long journey through your contractual third house. This will make you magically creative if you are working on a screenplay or novel, for example, but Neptune here makes navigating contractual deals more difficult.

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Neptune obscures facts and will be influencing you for a long time. A new moon will affect you for ten days—those are the power days—and the actions you take during those days will have the power to influence you for an entire year or more. This all means you must show all contracts to a lawyer before signing. Do not try to save money by going it alone. I have found that the value of a good lawyer is that when you put your heads together, you can better examine what the contract does not address—that is, what was left out—for that is usually the biggest difficulty to deal with later.

Covering unforeseen questions can be difficult after the fact, so try to imagine ahead of time what you would want to if a certain scenario came up. Brainstorm with your lawyer—I have always found that to be fun. The moon is the natural ruler of your seventh house of marriage and commitment, so you might get engaged or wed within four days, plus or minus, of this full moon June I love that Jupiter is so close—it shows such happiness for you.

You might be keeping your engagement a secret, for the twelfth house is the house of secrets. Or, you might be cooking up something with a partner in love or business that you will reveal weeks or months later. This same full moon of June 17 might have other benefits. If you have been going through treatments for a medical condition or are in rehab to overcome a dependence on painkillers, you will come to a moment where you might feel you can now be free.

If you have been seeing a psychiatrist for help with a psychological difficulty, you may see a breakthrough now, within four days of June You will always feel the onset of Mercury retrograde two weeks prior to the official date of the retrograde, so I will suggest you not sign any contacts or make any major decisions in July.