Lunar eclipse december 13 2019 astrology libra

The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses continue this summer with a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2, and a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16—17, The final eclipse on this axis will occur on July 5—6, , when a total lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn concludes this two-year cycle.

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There are two types of eclipses: solar and lunar. Solar eclipses occur during the new moon phase when the sun and moon are positioned at the exact same degree within the same zodiac sign. In this configuration, the moon passes between the sun and earth, temporarily obscuring the sun. Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, correspond with the full moon phase. According to Time and Date , eclipses will occur the following dates:.

These dynamic lunar phenomena were feared by our ancient ancestors.

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Early human civilizations built their societies around season changes and annual movements of the sun, so when an eclipse occurred they believed that the natural order had been compromised. To them, eclipses were a harbinger of danger — quite specifically, the apocalypse. Although we no longer connect these lunations to end days, astrologically speaking, eclipses are still a very big deal. Just as new moons are linked to beginnings and full moons are tied to culminations, eclipses serve as celestial checkpoints. An eclipse is a high-octane lunation that helps illuminate our karmic path, but just as these cosmic events can be visually striking, eclipses can be a bit dramatic.

Astrologically speaking, eclipses speed up time: They open new doors by slamming others shut, so we often find abrupt and sudden shifts occurring during eclipses. Though the shifts can be jarring, eclipses help us by speeding up the inevitable. While the results of eclipses can be shocking, remember that these lunations simply expedite the inevitable — these events were going to happen eventually. Remember that endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

Solar eclipses, which will occur in on July 2 and December 26 , correspond with new beginnings and unexpected opportunities. However, since the sun which symbolizes our external experience is obscured by the moon representing our emotional inner-world during this lunation, solar eclipse events often first begin internally. They're a time to send cosmic invitations to the universe and to welcome abundance. Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, help us realize the external implications of these shifts. It is often during a lunar eclipse that we become aware of the influence of others.

As the moon emits a mystifying umber tone, it allows us to be people under a different light. This shift in perspective is critical, though you may not always like what you see. During lunar eclipses, we are encouraged to let go of whatever is no longer serving the soul.

This is the time to release, purge, and say goodbye.

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In , our next lunar eclipse will occur on July 16—17 , when the moon in Capricorn aligns perfectly with the sun in Cancer at 24 degrees. Remember, cosmic warriors, endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning. OK, so what does this all actually mean? Interestingly, the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses will impact everyone differently based on their personal birth chart. Accordingly, the partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 13, was a big deal because it was the first lunation in a brand-new series.

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Sit quietly and breathe deeply until you feel calmer. If you find yourself in a situation that seems to be escalating, as best you can, calmly distance yourself.

LIBRA November 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast - Fortunate Stars for you!

As Saturn and Uranus are both retrograde, it can slow down this charging fire a bit. Use it in your favor to formulate and activate yourself and your life in the best way possible.

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  • Mercury in the sign of Virgo is currently retrograde as well, signaling the importance of reflection, restructure, and going over the details, and more than once. Use discernment and make a plan. If the details seem overwhelming, take a break and come back to it later.

    If you can, wait to make big purchases or major decision until after this retrograde. On September 5th when Mercury has moved back into Leo, at 28 degrees the same degree as the Solar Eclipse and stations direct, we will have more information and direction, and events will begin to unfold and move forward.

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    • Astrologically we all have a Sun, our personal light. To reclaim a sense of who we are, now. To move forward with a refreshed light and stand vital and fully present in our world. The truth is; as long as we are here on this plane, we are never really finished with our personal and collective growth. Since we have been in an accelerated rate of evolutionary growth, and there is a higher purpose to this. The world is not the same nor are we.

      We are experiencing growing pains that over time will create a newer version of ourselves and our world.

      Libra – November Horoscope 12222

      And it is ever so important to envision with a clear heart and mind of what we want that to look like. When this major astrological push is all said and done, my hope is that we will be able to live a more authentic and meaningful life in a way that will hold this world together in peace. Astronomically and astrologically this is a very exciting event!