December 26 taurus horoscope

A multitude of influences includes a need for balance between your personal and relationship needs, the communication support available and the support for relationship building.

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Life Destiny Your birth chart represents a map of the solar system for the exact time and place of your birth, it's a blueprint of your personality and represents a set of potentials, with the contents being added through the experiences of life. This report provides an assessment of your personality and character development by interpreting the different parts of your birth chart.

Celebrity Sample Try Free Sample. About Taurus Taurus is good at good living.


This luxury loving sign enjoys wine, relationships and parties, and is a superb host. Taureans enjoy comfortable homes, sumptuous feasts and well stocked cellars. Known to be immensely stubborn, Taurus is also a loyal friend and partner. Security, both financial and emotional, is very important to Taureans.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: October |

Placid Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus would rather make love than war, and prefers a good meal to a good argument. They are quite materialistic, but delight in sharing. The trouble is that Taurus tends to be more gourmand than gourmet, and doesn't know where to stop.

TAURUSđź’šNovember 26th-December 26th~ Someone is keeping secrets!

Sooner or later all that good living is going to have to be worked off with some serious exercise. October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to. Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you according to Tarot.

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October 5: Your mentor planet Venus is powerfully placed in your sign. October 4: Calm, logical discussions get better results with loud voices. How do I find my zodiac sign, what does it mean and how does the zodiac work? October 1: Letting someone say sorry could be so right for your love life. September Love works best when you keep it simple and be your real self.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

September A missed opportunity is back for you to take a second chance. September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected. September If you are single, a Leo could have fun and passion to share. September Your vivid imagination is a gift and you can inspire anyone. September In passion you are adventurous and a new partner will match you. September Jupiter luck focuses on a talent you share with friends.

September You are adventurous in ways that surprise yourself — and a partner.

September Now you know who you can trust — and this is the moment to act. September The closest bonds in your life deserve to be celebrated.

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