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This unique report will help you to know about important aspects of your life — the opportunities you should not miss and the difficult periods that you should be careful of. Positive Qualities Individuals with the moon in Virgo are simple people with no frills attached to them. They prefer to live a quite unassuming life far from the public sphere. However, they are very helpful in nature and love to help those who are in need. Such individuals tend to live their life in a set routine and seldom deviate from it.

They have an eye for detail and are extremely dexterous in the micromanagement of things and situations. Thus, they usually love such types of jobs that require care of small things to be taken and excel in that. Such individuals generally are trustworthy in nature and also are dependable in nature. They tend to grasp the entire dynamics of a situation quite easily and thus are able to give relevant advice that is advantageous. They tend to react fast in a situation of crisis and due to their practicality, crisis situations are successfully taken care of.

Thus, they are handy people to have around and combined with their helpful nature, are always useful to people. They have a knack for counselling and possess great talent of comforting others and making them feel better in a situation causing discomfort. They are full of curiosity and they always like to stay busy. For such individuals, being happy means feeling that they have their life in their control and don't aspire for other materialistic desires. Negative Qualities Individuals with the moon in Virgo tend to be low in their self-esteem and love to lead a simple unassuming life.

Thus, they may be accused of being as underachievers or not setting high standards for themselves. Also, they are easily stressed when they are out of their comfort zone. Such individuals are highly dependent on their routine and live a kind of regimental life where any kind of deviation is not welcome. They thus tend to be overdependent on their routine and cannot function optimally if the routine is absent from their lives. Such individuals are often labelled as being fussy and complainers who find faults in small things which other people even don't notice.

In relationships, individuals with the moon in Virgo tend to be shy and intimidated. They tend to be over conscious of themselves and combined with their inherent low self-esteem, can interfere in forming a strong bond with their partner. Also, they tend to be too critical of themselves and others. In addition, they tend not to divulge their feelings and keep them bottled up, which affects the state of their health too.

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They are born sceptics and insists on finding practical uses to everything, which is not possible. You may speak directly to one of our astute astrologers with the service - Talk to An Astrologer and get guidance from an astrological perspective.

Interested in knowing more about Virgo-born, you may also read about Virgo Zodiac. For the most part, however, you are quite compatible. Both of you are very active and inclined to try to do too many things at once, scattering your forces and depleting yourselves through overwork or compulsive busy-ness. Gemini is mentally restless and needs the stimulation of new ideas, intellectual challenges, and a variety of people to interact with. Gemini is something of a social butterfly also.

Virgo is more practical, down-to-earth, and conscientious. Modest and self-critical, Virgo is a hard working perfectionist with a talent for working with details and organizing practical affairs.

Virgo Moon Sign | Astrology & Horoscopes

Also, Virgo is fastidious and particular about food and nutrition, health and hygiene, and having everything in its proper place, which can be difficult for Gemini to live with at times. Virgo is more disciplined than Gemini, and more concerned with self-improvement. Gemini is witty, humorous, and plays more easily than Virgo does. You both enjoy word games, or games that hone and test your knowledge or intellectual skill.

Both of you have the emotional habits of worry, anxiety, and over-concern about loved ones or life in general. You are both caring and supportive, but you express this in different ways. Cancer is more emotional, compassionate and tender, and appears more sympathetic than Virgo, who wants to help but may seem unemotional and critical at the same time.

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  8. Virgo is fastidious and particular about food, health, and personal habits, and can be very fussy about order, tidiness, cleanliness, proper behavior, etc. You are opposites in many ways; Leo is warm, expressive, lively, and somewhat narcissistic, while Virgo is modest, subdued, reserved, and somewhat self-effacing. Leo exaggerates or dramatizes life, while Virgo is realistic, impartial, and factual. Leo needs personal recognition and attention and a sense of being Important, while Virgo is quite content being in the background as a helper or assistant rather than the Star.

    Leo is also lavish with praise and affection, while Virgo shows love in quieter and often more practical ways. Sometimes Leo craves more warm appreciation and applause than Virgo gives. Virgo has a critical, perfectionist side which can be difficult to live with — especially for Leo who is sensitive to personal criticism. You have very similar temperaments, so you understand one another quite well, but you also share the same weaknesses. Both of you have refined sensitivities and are quite particular and discriminating in your tastes, your personal habits, your diet, etc.

    Your less than desirable habits or tendencies include being overly fastidious and finicky, compulsively worrying about mistakes, focusing on problems and flaws instead of successes, and demanding perfection of yourself and others. Both of you can be difficult to live with! You should avoid nagging one another over trivialities.

    On the positive side, you will lavish care and devotion on the people and things that are important to you. Libra wants the perfect relationship, one that is beautiful and harmonious and free from all tension, conflict, or dissonance, and also one in which both partners share equally in everything, are able to discuss everything together, and always work out a fair, equitable solution to any problem that arises. Virgo is a perfectionist in the sense of wanting perfect order in the environment and paying meticulous attention to detail, being fastidious and particular about hygiene, health and diet, or correct behavior and procedure.

    Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

    Virgo is also self-critical and often tries to live up to impossibly high standards for behavior, appearance, performance, or technical ability. Both of you have rather refined sensitivities. You also respond more reasonably and logically, rather than impulsively or emotionally, to most situations. Scorpio is quiet, deep, and complex emotionally, and often hides feelings or jealousy, guilt, and other powerful emotions out of a fear of being misunderstood.

    Scorpio needs passion, drama, and intensity in order to feel completely alive, and may intentionally or unintentionally stir up personal crises or emotional storms in order to have those feelings. There is an underlying attraction to anything secret, dark, and mysterious, including the hidden or dark side of people.

    Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

    Negatively, Scorpio can be subtly manipulative and controlling, Positively, Scorpio can be immensely loyal, a deep and faithful friend or lover. But the Virgo moon sign compatibility with Aries will struggle. Cautious and analytical, these are words to describe Virgo Moon and Taurus Moon compatibility. You like practicality, and will create a home full of homemade items.

    Your similarities will promote peace and understanding among both zodiac signs.

    Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

    However, you need to address the differences. Virgo Moon sign, you are perfectionist and a worrywart. But Taurus Moon will have no trouble sticking to a commitment. You are both slow at making changes, because you always second guess yourself, and Moon Taurus is reluctant to change. Together, you create a stable home environment, but your reluctance to move forward may be detrimental in a business relationship.

    There is much to gain from this partnership, and together you can form a long lasting relationship with little effort. Despite your need to look after other people, Moon Virgo, you and Moon in Gemini do not have a lot in common. You both bring different things into this relationship, but there needs to be a compromise for this partnership to work. Together, you and Gemini Moon enjoy a good word game to stimulate your minds.

    Gemini Moon sign is charming and witty sociable person who likes to be mentally stimulated. Moon Virgo, you are a perfectionist who has a good attention to detail. You are meticulous and this may annoy the Gemini. You can learn much from each other. Gemini Moon likes to start things but have a short attention span. And Virgo, you will see through everything to completion; you may find yourselves stretched thin with work in this pairing. The differences are not major, but is enough to make this Virgo moon compatibility very low.

    Moon Virgo you need to make a lot of compromises with Moon Gemini for this relationship to work. However, if you stick together, both of you can gain much from each other. Cancer the Homemaker meets Virgo the Healer, a relationship that will see both of you gaining much from each other. However, there are difficulties that needs addressing.

    Virgo Moon sign show love via action and practical things in life: food preparation, ensuring that everything is spick and span. Cancer Moon will sympathize and have more empathy, providing emotional support for loved ones. In this love match, Virgo is more critical and self-punishing, while Cancer accepts you for who you are.

    The crab can be moodier than the Virgin, but is more accepting in situations. Together, you have much to learn from each other. Moon Virgo you can learn self-acceptance while Moon Cancer will gain a partner who is health conscious. Both you and Moon Cancer have no problems with commitment, and you can work together to form a healthy, long lasting relationship.

    A Virgo Spouse

    You will have a warm, beautiful home that your family will appreciate. Test your marriage compatibility. Moon Virgo, you and Moon Leo are opposites. Optimistic Leo is warm and expressive, while the realist Virgin can appear cold and calculating until someone cracks you open.

    In a work or business pairing, you and Moon Leo will look after different parts, allowing you to work together without problems. In a romantic relationship, you might face problems. Moon in Leo likes to dramatize things and needs attention and recognition, something Virgo you might not be able to give.

    Your inability to put Leo Moon sign on a pedestal may cause friction as Leo will think that you are ungrateful. Even though you have no troubles committing to each other, you both need to compromise and learn how to provide for your partner. It might be easier to move on, as you and Moon Leo are not compatible Moon Signs. Your good and bad points will amplify in this partnership, and that may cause problems. Both Moon in Virgo couple will be particular with your healthy habits, and will look after each other well.

    However, you both should avoid pestering each other over small issues. There will be trouble making decisions or sticking to it, as you both tend to second guess yourselves and worry over everything.